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Shelving Systems

There is a host of different shelving solutions available with shelves designed to store individual boxes or single products ideal for goods which are stored or retrieved manually. We utilise our knowledge and experience to recommend the right system for your particular storage requirement.

Long Span Shelving Systems

long-span-shelving-systems01The leading system for hand loaded storage of heavy or large items. Providing long, uninterrupted bays of shelving between frames, Longspan shelving is ideal for commercial, industrial and wholesale retail environments.

A wide range of shelf materials including steel, chipboard and timber, cater for any storage requirement and the choice of frame and beam sizes mean Longspan can deliver a cost effective solution to most heavy duty storage applications.

long-span-shelving-systems02Additionally custom-made single or multi-tier installations can be built to accommodate higher density storage requirements and maximise the use of space available.

Short Span Shelving Systems

short-span-shelving-systems01The basic system for manual storage and archiving for light and medium loads.

Systems are made up of vertical structures and panels or horizontal shelves that permit the storage of sectionalized products or small boxes.

A robust and versatile shelving solution is easy to install and has the option for future expansion to grow with changing business needs.

short-span-shelving-systems02The shelving system is engineered for strength and flexibility, plus its expandability means a long service life, available in a range of sizes and load capacities to suit all applications.

Carton Live

carton-live-shelving-systems01Designed for areas within the warehouse with a large volume of picking is required on a “first in / First out” (FIFO) solution.

Racking for live picking is made up of slightly inclined platforms of wheels and rollers, which guarantee an optimal entry and exit of goods. The goods are fed in and slide down by the force of gravity to the other end which leads to the exit aisle.

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  • We selected Stockrail for the project because of their level of service, their professionalism and desire to think outside the box.

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