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Metalprogetti is a leading company in the design and manufacture of automated systems for moving and handling both hanging and folded garments as well as a wide range of other light items.

Founded in 1980, the company has grew rapidly and found success throughout the world, from Europe to the United States, from China to Saudi Arabia, from Brazil to Japan and Australia.

Today, the company produces approximately 700 systems per year, in various sizes and degrees of complexity, from the smallest to the largest, designed to move and handle thousands of items.

From the time it was founded, Metalprogetti’s mission has been to simplify the varied problems related to the management and handling of garments in even the most complex fields. Each system is custom built and modular to adapt to every client’s needs and problem areas.

Commitment united with passion, highly competitive technology, and the ongoing research conducted in close collaboration with universities, which the company considers no less important than the production process in terms of the money and time invested, have been the keys to Metalprogetti’s success over the years. The company has obtained 42 exclusive patents thanks to the innovative technology used in their automated systems.

The reasons behind Metalprogetti’s continued growth are also rooted in the company’s expertise in the fields in which it works and in the ongoing creation of increasingly reliable and effective solutions, decisive factors that result in custom designed systems that provide answers to specific needs.

However, Metalprogetti’s largest and most meaningful success is the satisfaction of its clients, with whom the company has created a partnership based on trust and ongoing assistance.

Metalprogetti: Professionalism and expertise to deliver simple solutions to complex problems.

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Metalprogetti - Automated Garment Conveyors

Recent Case Study

Amethyst Group Ltd

Amethyst Group Ltd., a leading Supply Chain and Logistics Company have won the contract to handle all the storage and distribution for Prominent Apparel Ltd. After a long tender process they chose Stockrail International Ltd for the supply and installation of a new hanging garment storage facility at their Fradley Park site…


  • We selected Stockrail for the project because of their level of service, their professionalism and desire to think outside the box.

    Andrew Slater
    Andrew SlaterAmethyst Logistic Group
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