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Crystal Martin International Ltd Case Study

Crystal Martin International Ltd., a leading garment manufacturing company and the largest supplier to Marks & Spencer in terms of volume were looking at extending their existing hanging storage facility. After a lengthy tender process they chose Stockrail International Ltd., for the supply and installation of a new hanging garment storage facility and the replacement of their existing overhead trolley system.

crystal-martin-cs01Distribution Centre Manager Chris Tomlin said “we selected Stockrail for the project because of their level of service and attention to detail and their professionalism”. The installation of the project was to be logistically difficult as the distribution centre had to remain in operation at all times.

Within the 80,000 square foot distribution centre was an existing 4-tier hanging structure taking up approximately 30,000 square foot of the space. Stockrail’s brief was to design a new hanging garment storage system to link into their existing facility and create “consolidation areas” for accumulation of designated loads ready to be distribution to any of Marks & Spencer’s distribution centres.

crystal-martin-cs02Within the remaining floor space Stockrail designed a new 4-tier storage system but also included in the design was two off 4-tier mezzanine floors for the designated loads. One of the mezzanines would replace some of the existing 4-tier structure and entailed removing a central section of this structure for the installation of this floor.

The whole system is serviced by Stockrail’s new HangerGlide system manual overhead hanging garment transport system. This included the striping out of their existing overhead trolley system within the existing structure and replacing it with the new HangerGlide system.

crystal-martin-cs03There is over 12,000 kilometres of the HangerGlide system installed with the only automation being that of 20 off incline / decline conveyor systems transferring garments to the different levels. They have also been able to reduce the time to load / unload vehicles by up to a half via the supply of extendable boom systems.

crystal-martin-cs04Since the solution has been in operation it has given Crystal Martin the ability to store up to 3,500,000 hanging garments. The system has increased their throughputs by over 100% and has enabled Crystal Martin to distribute over 42,000,000 garments to Marks & Spencer within 2008/09.

On completion of the project Chris Tomlin said “we are delighted with the overall project as Stockrail completed the handover within our timescales and to the budget”.

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  • We selected Stockrail for the project because of their level of service, their professionalism and desire to think outside the box.

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