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River Island Clothing Co. Ltd Case Study

River Island Clothing Co. Ltd., a leading high street retail company were looking for a new sortation system for their Internet Fulfilment department within their brand new Distribution Centre. After a lengthy tender process including full product testing they chose Stockrail International Ltd., for the supply and installation of a new Optimus Sorter Technology – OptiSorter system incorporating bespoke software infrastructure to interface with their own WMS and dispatch conveyor systems.

Distribution Centre Project Manager Colin Bartlett said “we selected Stockrail / Optimus for this project because of their level of service and attention to detail and their professionalism”. The installation of the new OptiSorter would be the first system to be installed within the UK but after site visits to installations within Europe and the in depth of the specification from Optimus there was no hesitation that it was the right system.

Product picked in waves from different departments will be brought to the induct area where there will be 3 manual in-feed stations. Products are placed onto the trays prior to being scanned via a Camera identification system (there is also an Omni directional scanner for scanning shoe boxes). The system comprises of 49 exits with individual chutes servicing designated orders.

river-island-cs01Each chute will have been allocated a specific number of orders (information transferred from River Island’s own WMS – OMS), where a pick to light system counts down the number of items from a batch allocated to the relevant chute. Individual orders are located within a mobile trolley and when all orders have been fulfilled the mobile can be transferred to the packing benches.

river-island-cs02Once the individual orders have been packed a shipping label will be placed onto the package and transferred onto the dispatch conveyor system. This modular slat belt system merges from the two packing areas into one transport system to be sorted into different delivery runs.

An overhead scanner reads the individual packages where the software interface sends the information directly to River Island’s OMS system which sends back the information of which delivery runs the package needs to be sorted to.

There are a total of 5 delivery run lanes where individual “pushers” transfer the package onto the designated lane. There are 5 additional overhead scanners (1 for each lane) to confirm that the package has been sorted to its relevant lane. The package will be then transferred to roll cage for delivery.


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  • We selected Stockrail for the project because of their level of service, their professionalism and desire to think outside the box.

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