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Overhead Rail System – HangerGlide

Overhead Rail System – HangerGlideHangerGlide – is the new economical method for moving garments on hangers (GOH) in a production / warehouse environment.  The system is designed around an aluminium track with a low friction plastic insert to enable coat hangers to slide smoothly and quietly.

Development of the product has taken over ten years and has involved such companies as Du-Pont and Alcoa.  The product has been tested by Leeds University and ourselves and is proven to be 20% – 40% more effective than other similar systems on the market.

Overhead Rail System – HangerGlideLong term tests are continual within Stockrail, and on several sites throughout the world and within our in-house test facility.

The HangerGlide system incorporates a range of bends and switches enabling hanging garments to be moved easily from unloading trailers through to storage locations via holding areas, transport lines and between levels via incline  / decline garment conveyor systems.

Clients We Work With

Recent Case Study

Crystal Martin International Ltd

Crystal Martin International Ltd., a leading garment manufacturing company and the largest supplier to Marks & Spencer in terms of volume were looking at extending their existing hanging storage facility. After a lengthy tender process they chose Stockrail International Ltd…….


  • We selected Stockrail for the project because of their level of service, their professionalism and desire to think outside the box.

    Andrew Slater
    Andrew SlaterAmethyst Logistic Group
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