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Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet Racking SystemsAPR (Adjustable Pallet Racking) comes in a wide range of solutions for the storage of palletised goods with direct or single access to each pallet. Variations include:

Wide Aisle – The simplest of racking systems and extremely cost effective. Wide aisle is easily adjustable to cater for the complexity in size and shape of goods stored.  Wide aisle racking provides easy access to goods through spacious aisles that can accommodate any type of truck making specialist handling equipment unnecessary.

Pallet Racking SystemsWide aisle racking can be designed to meet your specific storage requirements and, being adjustable, can be reconfigured easily to accommodate changes to marry up with customer’s exact storage requirements.

Narrow Aisle – designed to provide high density storage with aisles often half the width of standard or adjustable pallet racking systems. The aisles are designed to suit specialist very narrow aisle trucks that are guided within the structure with immediate access to individual pallets at any given location is excellent.

Pallet Racking SystemsDrive-in-Racking – provides a high density and extremely space efficient bulk storage system by using the minimum space for access aisles and when applying a ‘first in/last out’ (FILO) solution.

With the first pallet into a lane being the last out, stock selectivity is restricted but utilised where products have a long shelf life or items that have a quick turnaround.

Push Back Racking – offers fantastically efficient utilisation of cubic and floor space, and is one of the most effective racking systems available.

Access to products is based upon a ‘first-in/ last-out’ (FILO) principle with each product having a dedicated lane and the stock can be accessed using most standard types of trucks.

Push-back racking is particularly useful in marshalling areas, and for bulk storage and handling.

Pallet Racking SystemsPallet Live Racking – works on a ‘first-in’ ‘first-out’ (FIFO) principle making it an ideal solution where stock date / rotation is important. Pallet Live Storage provides extremely high levels of storage density in a given area and provides automatic stock rotation with the minimal use of fork lift trucks.

Pallets are loaded onto dedicated lanes of inclined gravity rollers which are set at a fixed gradient. When a load is taken from the picking face, the next pallet rolls into position, with replenishment stock loaded at the opposite (upper) end of the lane.

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Amethyst Group Ltd., a leading Supply Chain and Logistics Company have won the contract to handle all the storage and distribution for Prominent Apparel Ltd. After a long tender process they chose Stockrail International Ltd for the supply and installation of a new hanging garment storage facility at their Fradley Park site…


  • We selected Stockrail for the project because of their level of service, their professionalism and desire to think outside the box.

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