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sheridan-02Sheridan was founded in Australia in 1967 known and loved around the world for their beautifully designed bed linen for the bedroom, towels for the bathroom, table linens, loungewear or home accessories, quality products to make life just that little bit more indulgent around the home.

As part of their expansion plans Stockrail was invited to assist in the design to increase the number of primary pick locations within their Warrington DC.

The main pallet rack system was from defunct manufacturer so it was agreed that new racking be purchased and the materials from the old system re-utilised.

Four existing runs of racking was removed and replaced with new but each of the runs was extended by another 3 bays. Part of the existing system was also extended utilising the materials removed.

New timber shelves were supplied in order that each bay had a main primary location and 2 smaller shelf locations. Within the existing system materials were utilised to increase the shelf locations so the whole warehouse had a uniformity of primary locations.

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