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Since it was first established, Roman has developed a strong identity as a design led and fashion forward retailer. Their first store opened in 1995 and as part of their continuous growth they moved to a new 50,000 square foot distribution centre in 2008 and opened their 100th store in 2014.

As part of their plan of opening new stores in line with the growth of online sales their storage capacity requirement had to be considerably increased. Roman had already purchased over 700 bays of our Diamond Rack system which was initially single level.

In order to create floor space within the DC we designed a multi – tier storage system which we re-configured the existing racks turning the whole system 90° in order for future expansion. Stockrail installed an additional 350 bays to create a 3-tier storage system with a capacity for 500,000 garments.

We worked closely with the staff and managers of Roman in order to relocate existing stock into the new racking supplied and release the existing racking for it to be re-configured as well as creating space for new stock arrivals.

The new multi-tier system has been fully serviced with over 2,500m of our HangerGlide system with access to the upper floor via incline conveyor systems. We have also supplied 2 of the dock level doors with extendable boom systems as unloading vehicles was a time consuming exercise. From the dock levels a holding area capable of storing 10,000 units was also installed reducing the time by 50% to unload a vehicle.

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