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mens-warehouse-02With the success of the previous 2 installations completed for Men’s Warehouse and the improvements of the increase in locations with converting the existing Pallet Racking systems to a 2-tier pick location system it was agreed to convert the remaining section of standard Pallet Racking to 2-tier.

An existing mezzanine floor was removed and re-configured in 2 areas of the extension in order at one side of the structure there would be a section of mezzanine floor for pallet access and a section spanning between the main central gangway bridging the two Pallet Racking areas.

The original back to back configuration of the racking was re-configured to a single run system which meant every run had to have the stock emptied so our team could unbolt the racking and move into its new position.

The critical part of this project was the timing of having the materials from different racking manufacturers being on site at the right time in order to move the racking, install the new beams to create the shelving system as well as installing the walkways. This could then be handed back to Men’s Warehouse staff to label the new locations and fill back up with the stock.

The system consisted of two banks of racking each having 4 runs of 11 bays long. Each bay would have between 8 and 10 shelf levels (dependant on the apex of the building) creating a total of 14,000 box locations.

After the success of the 1st Pick, Pack & Dispatch conveyor system we supplied in 2014 another system was also commissioned servicing 14 Pack Benches transporting the items through in to a “lean to” building (installed by our partner DC Electrical) to the outside of the unit to give an additional 3,200 square feet of space.

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