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MWUK are now the UK’s leading corporatewear supplier. MWUK clothe over 3 million people every year, despatching over 14 million garments throughout the UK, Europe and across the world.

Stockrail was asked to design a powered roller conveyor system to increase efficiency within the packing / dispatch area. Working closely with DC Electrical Ltd. our electrical partner to supply the control panel and wiring of the conveyor system we designed a carousel around the powered conveyor system servicing 36 packing benches.

Once an order has been packed and sealed it is placed onto the conveyor system and transported to the marshalling area where the package is taken from the conveyor system and sorted into roll cages dependant on the carrier / delivery option for the proposed order.

If the package is not taken off the conveyor it will continuously travel around the conveyor system recirculated via 2 off “bubbles” i.e. 3 off 90° bends and 2 off 45° bends in order to have the conveyor systems running back to back saving on space within the building.

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