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charles-tyrwhitt02CT Shirts started business back in 1986 because the owner wanted to make a better shirt than anybody else. Over the years they have developed their range to include everything from formal shirts to separates, suits and shoes, in addition to a casual collection, knitwear and accessories. Their commitment is to ensure all our menswear is built to last, using only the finest materials sourced from every corner of the globe.

We were tasked to design a solution to transfer their hanging garments onto the top floor of a new multi-tier storage system. We replaced their old existing “slick” system with a new extendable boom system linking into a 19.5 metre long incline conveyor system to transfer the garments up 9 metres onto the top floor.

We supplied 4 holding lines each 33 metres long within a main central gangway for accumulation of stock prior to be stored in the hanging garment racking. These 4 lines also linked into a decline conveyor system to transfer the garments back to ground floor.

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